Android Kotlin Tutorial

In this tutorial You will learn How You can Develop Nokia’s Bothie like Camera Application for Android.

We will be using Camera2 API in Android.

How to final Application will work?

Please Note that We Cannot Open two camera instances at the same time in Android. Why? Because there is no such way. Android Simply do not allow you to open Both Camera’s Front and Back at the same time.

So What are we going to Do?

We will open Both Camera’s almost simultaneously.

First We will open Back Camera of Android Programatically. After the user takes picture from Back Camera.

We will immediately close Back Camera and Will open Front Camera and Front Camera will automatically capture your picture (Selfie). This process of closing Back Camera and opening Front Camera will almost take few milliseconds.

After Both the Pictures are taken we will write a code which will combine both Images/Bitmaps into One Image.

And the resulting Image will be saved on local storage.

This Application is also available on Google Play Store.

We (Developine) do not misguide our beloved readers/users. So we have not claimed that our Application can take pictures from Front and Back Camera at the same. Because this is not possible (Trust us). So there will be delay of few milliseconds in Both Pictures!



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