Flutter: The Lifeline of Cross-platform Application Development

When it comes to building mobile apps, Android & iOS are the best-suited platforms. Both of them require different coding for giving birth to an app. Such things create a nuisance for the organizations, who are into the app creation genre. That’s mainly, the cross-platform development came into limelight. With cross-platform app development, your app […]

Swift vs. Flutter – A Step by Step Comparison for iOS App Development


In this modern era, many mobile app development agencies are moving towards hybrid platforms for developing mobile applications due to innumerable reasons. Some are startups that face budget constraints and want a mobile app in a small timeframe. To achieve both the factors, “flutter mobile app development became new phenomenon, which is entirely different from […]

How to Add SSL Certificate in Android Application and Solving SSL Handshake Exception

In this tutorial, I will guide you on How to integrate SSL Certificate in your Android Application and Fixing SSL Handshake Exception on Android Devices below API level 20. We will use below TLS SOCKET FACTORY class. import android.content.Context;import java.io.IOException;import java.io.InputStream;import java.net.InetAddress;import java.net.Socket;import java.net.UnknownHostException;import java.security.KeyManagementException;import java.security.KeyStore;import java.security.KeyStoreException;import java.security.NoSuchAlgorithmException;import java.security.cert.Certificate;import java.security.cert.CertificateException;import java.security.cert.CertificateFactory;import javax.net.ssl.SSLContext;import javax.net.ssl.SSLSocket;import javax.net.ssl.SSLSocketFactory;import javax.net.ssl.TrustManagerFactory;public […]

Flutter Scaffold Widget Example

Flutter Scaffold Dart Example

In this article we will learn everything about Scaffold Widget. We will cover what are other widgets which you can use with scaffold widget. We will also cover what are the uses of Scaffold Widget. After creating a new Flutter project. Replace your main.dart file with this code. // main.dartimport ‘package:flutter/material.dart’;void main() => runApp(new MyApp());class […]

Android Grouped Stacked Bar Chart Using MpChart Kotlin

In this tutorial we will use popular Chart library for Android (MpAndroidChart). We will use BarChart View from MpChart Library. We will write code which will result in below Graph. Steps: Add Bar Chart View in XML Layout File. Prepare X-Axis values and Labels for Chart Data. Grouping –  Add multiple Bar Data Sets and […]

Flutter Full Screen Splash Screen Tutorial

In this example you will learn how to implement Full Screen Splash Screen in Flutter. You will also learn how to hide status bar on Android OS and notch on iOS in your flutter splash screen. We will create two screens. Our launcher screen will be Screen with full screen Image. And after defined splash […]

Flutter Left and Right Navigation Drawer Example Tutorial

Flutter Drawer Widget using Scaffold Example

In this tutorial you will learn how to add Navigation Drawer Layout in your Flutter App. You will learn how to add Left Navigation Drawer ( Drawer which opens from start side or right side ) and right Navigation Drawer (Drawer layout which slides from end or left side of the screen). We will be […]

Flutter Dart Tutorial Android iOS

Flutter tutorial Android studio Dart and iOS

Here we will share our flutter learning path. whatever I will learn about flutter I will update it on my blog so you can benefit also. In this tutorial you will learn how to develop high quality cross platform but Native Looking Android and iOS Mobile apps very easily using Flutter SDK by Google. Programming […]