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5 Things to Do Immediately After You Launch a New Blog Site

I am not sharing how to start a new blog, or how to setup a blog. Instead I will talk about things which you can do after creating your new blog. and particularly answer your following questions.

  • How to Grow Your Blog.
  • How to keep track of blog analytics.
  • How to get blog subscribers.
  • What to do after creating your blog site.
  • Things to do after creating blog site.
  • Essential WordPress plugins which you need to start using from day one.

Hello guys Today I am going to tell you things which I did on day one of my blog.

I had a blog at bloger.com and few articles on medium. and they were getting good amount of readers, so I decided to have my own blog.

Lets assume you have got domain and hosting (I am using wordpress hosting). and now you are ready to write your first blog post.

I also assume you know how to install social media share plugin in wordpress and how to install google analytics plugin in your wordpress website.

  1. First of all  add social media share plugin like this on my blog. I used shareThis plugin for this purpose.

    Social Media share plugin using ShareThis plugin
  2. Create your account at Google analytics and Integrate google analytics in your blog. Because You should be aware of Your visitors, posts which are getting more visitors to your website. I am using monsterInsights plugin to integrate google analytics in my WordPress site.

    google analytics report for few days of my blog.
  3. You also have to get subscribers, get email addresses from users so you can quickly grow your blog.  for this purpose you can add Hustle  plugin available in WordPress plugins.

    Subscription form.
  4. Start using Google key words planner. create account at Google AdWords and plan keywords before writing any article/blog post.
  5. Submit your blog site URL to all search engines so search engines start crawling data from your site. This is how I did this.

    search engine URL submission
    Submit website URL to search engines
  6. I also imported my articles from medium to my blog. and provided back links to medium posts.
my medium account stats

Final Words

If you follow all of the above mentioned steps, you can start getting email subscribers from day one, visualize stats/analytics, you will choose correct key words from day one, you will increase chances of your blog posts to be shared on social media.


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