How to host your website on Firebase for free and connect with goDaddy domain tutorial

This article covers following topics related to firebase hosting.

  • What is Firebase hosting?
  • Is Firebase hosting free?
  • Firebase hosting custom domain.
  • Firebase hosting using NodeJs CLI
  • Connect Firebase with GoDaddy domain.

Firebase hosting allows you to deploy your static web apps for free. I will show you how to deploy your website on firebase using node.js. I will also guide you How to update/ re-deploy your website on Firebase. After deployment, you will get subdomain. But firebase allows you to connect your website with your custom domain name parked anywhere. my domain was parked at go daddy so I will show you how to connect with GoDaddy domain.

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to host your web application to firebase hosting server using node js. I will also teach you how to connect your domain with firebase.

Step 1: Download node.js from this Download link

Install it and open command prompt and type command

npm install -g firebase-tools

After installing Firebase tools.

Step 2: Go to Firebase console and create a new project.

Step 3: Create a folder named “public” and place source files in public folder.

Step 4: Open command prompt and change path parent folder of the public directory (not inside the public folder where your website files are)

Step 5:  Now login to Firebase from the command prompt using this command. it will authenticate your Firebase account.

firebase login

Step 5:  Make sure you are pointing a right directory. a directory which has public directory and public directory should have index.html file  (your website files)

firebase init

we have initialized our project in this directory.

Type public when it asks you about public directory (it should have index.html file). like in below screenshots.

firebase init
firebase web hosting using node js
firebase website hosting using node.js
firebase hosting commands node.js

Type No for all options after this step. when initialization is complete

Step 6:

firebase deploy
deploy firebase website
deploy website on firebase command screenshot

After your website is deployed you will get project URL and your web application default hosting URL.

Now we will connect our website hosted at firebase with a custom domain. my domain is parked at

goDaddy so I will show you how to connect firebase website with GoDaddy domain.

Select Connect Domain from firebase console. and type your domain.  After that, you will get TXT record and 2 A type records.

Go to your goDaddy account and Manage DNS section and remove existing records of type TXT and A type. and add records given by firebase.

Firebase server will verify your domain parked at GoDaddy. if everything goes well your website will be connected with custom domain.

If ever you want to update your website content on Firebase.

Simply run

firebase deploy

and your website will be updated on Firebase.

If ever you want to go back to previous version of your website. you can roll back changes.

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