Flutter and Dart Interview Questions Answer with code examples

Flutter + Dart Interview Questions with Answers and code examples

In this post, We will cover essential Flutter Interview Questions which can be asked to you in your next Flutter Developer Job.

What is Difference between Stateless Widget and Stateful Widget in Flutter?

What is a Widget in Flutter SDK?

What is the home argument in Flutter?

What is the difference between main() and runApp() functions in Flutter?

What is scaffold widget in Flutter SDK?

Explain MaterialApp widget in Flutter?

What is a build method in Flutter used for?

Can we build custom Widgets in Flutter?

How to combine multiple widgets in Flutter?

How to define margin and padding in Flutter?

What are Packages in Flutter?

How to import Packages in Flutter SDK?

What is fat arrow function declaration => in Flutter?

How to notify Flutter SDK to rebuild UI?

What is the BackDrop?

What are Routes in Flutter?

Explain Navigator Widget and its push pop functions in Flutter?

What is an Overflow in Flutter?

What is Media Query in Flutter?

What is Pubspec.yaml file in Flutter project?

What is Flutter Tree Shaking?

What is Difference between Asset, Asset Bundle, Root Bundle, and Default Asset Bundle?

What is the factory keyword in Dart?

What is the difference between Future and async and await in Flutter?

What is Difference Between Flutter as Framework and Flutter SDK?

How is Flutter transformed into Native App?

What is the Difference Between visible Widgets and Invisible Widgets in Flutter?

What is Fat Arrow Notation in Dart?

When is build method called in Flutter Stateless Widget and in Stateful Widget?

What is Generic Type in Dart and Flutter?

How to define Singleton in Dart?

What is didUpdateWidget in Flutter?

What is the Difference between named arguments and positional arguments in Dart?

How to create custom named arguments in Dart?

What is difference between async and async* in Dart?

How to provide a default value to constructor argument in Dart?

How do we pass a reference of a function as an argument in Dart?

How can we store a reference to a function in a property in Dart?

What is the difference between final and const in Dart on the left or right side of the equal sign?

When do initState and didUpdateWidget methods get called in Flutter?

How can we debug flutter user interface?

When to choose Column Widget or ListView Widget?

What is difference between Choice Chip, Action Chip, Filter Chip, Input Chip and Raw Chip in Flutter?

Explain referential equality in Dart?

Explain about the following keywords in Dart?












What is difference between Animation and Animatable in Flutter?

What is cascade notation in Dart?

What are top level functions in Dart?

What are different Widget state management approaches in Flutter?


There is more to come 🙂

Stay tuned! I will keep adding Flutter Interview questions on this list and will also add answers to the Questions.

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