Flutter tutorial Android studio Dart and iOS

Flutter Dart Tutorial Android iOS

Here we will share our flutter learning path. whatever I will learn about flutter I will update it on my blog so you can benefit also.

In this tutorial you will learn how to develop high quality cross platform but Native Looking Android and iOS Mobile apps very easily using Flutter SDK by Google.

Programming language to be used ?

Yes Flutter uses Dart programming language.

We also cover basic introduction to Dart programming language and its best + cool features 🙂

We will try to compare flutter with other cross platform SDK’s also.

Topics we will cover here include but not limited to

  • Basics of Flutter SDK.
  • Tools and technologies required for Flutter SDK.
  • Introduction to Dart programming language.
  • Introduction to basic layouts and Widgets in Flutter with code examples.
  • Customizing Application theme and applying Material Design widgets. 
  • Flutter Stateful and Stateless Widget.
  • Adding interactivity to Flutter apps using Text, Input, Navigation, Routes, Gesture API, Flutter Animations.
  • Flutter Scaffold Widget (Appbar, Drawer Layout, Bottom Navigation bar, Floating Action Button).
  • Flutter Layout Widgets (Listview, Row, Column, Container, Expanded).
  • Flutter Database tutorial using SQFLITE.
  • Handling data from server (Backend) in your Flutter App.
  • Working with Firebase SDK in Flutter.
  • Parsing JSON manually and automatically in Flutter.

Happy Flutter Development.

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